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Natural Style

What You Need to Know About Natural Style Eyelash Extensions

Some people are less Rachel and more Phoebe, less Posh and more Sporty, less Dolly and more … well, you get the idea. 

The natural look is attractive to a lot of people who just want to be themselves with a little extra oomph. And that’s the beauty of Natural style extensions from the Amazing Lash Studio® brand. 

At Amazing Lash Studio locations,  the brand offers four proprietary eyelash styles: Natural, Sexy, Cute, and Gorgeous. 

If you simply want to amplify the lashes you were born with, you can choose the most subtle of the four Lash styles, appropriately called “Natural.” 

Why You Want a Natural Look

Your sense of style is largely a matter of taste. This goes for your Lash style too. Maybe you’re an au naturel kind of person, the type who doesn’t like a fuss, who likes outdoor activities, time with family, and likes to be selfie-ready but doesn’t necessarily want to be center stage. Chances are you’d choose the Natural Lash style over Sexy or Gorgeous. Out of the four styles, 

The Natural Lash style follows your natural eye shape with a subtle and gradual flare at the outer corner and shorter lashes in the inner corner.

If it’s your first time in an Amazing Lash Studio location, you may want to keep it small and save the wild wisps or cat eye shape for another visit. Lash Stylists will tell you that Lash newbies often look in the mirror after their first set of extensions and find it hard to adjust to such a dramatic change in their appearance. That’s why Natural is a great style to start with if you are just dipping your toe into Lash extensions.

You’re also a good candidate for less-is-more lashes if you’ve had trouble maintaining the life of your Lash extensions in the past. Don’t you hate it when a lash tech at some salon fails to adequately isolate your natural lashes, which causes breakage, or you weren’t made aware of aftercare protocol? The Amazing Lash Studio brand works hard to ensure you know all your options and what you’ve got to do to get the most out of your hard-earned money. The brand offers a Natural look that will elevate your look into the perfect girl next door. There’s a reason the answer to the decades-old question, “Ginger or Mary Ann,” is decidedly Mary Ann. 

Your lifestyle has a bearing on the Lash style you choose. If you spend more time in boardrooms than bistros, you don’t want to lose focus with giant eye fringe -- or be a distraction to others. Natural Lashes are the way to go. 

How You Get a Natural Look at Amazing Lash Studio Locations

The Natural style extensions from Amazing Lash Studio locations conform to several different eye shapes, including almond, protruding, mono-lid, and close-set eyes. Your Lash Stylist will help you select the best Lash style for your eye and face shape.

Here are some of the factors that go into your Stylist creating a natural look.

Length - One way to simply enhance the beauty you already exude is with extensions that are only slightly longer (2mm or less) than your natural lashes.

Diameter - Using the same logic as with length, extensions that are just slightly thicker than your natural lashes give you a beauty boost that isn’t over the top.   

Curl - The most natural form of Lash extensions has a similar curl to your own lashes. For instance, long, straight lashes applied to a curly lash line would appear unnatural.

Material - Amazing Lash Studio locations use vegan, synthetic lashes, which are comfortable and appear similar to real lashes. Unlike faux mink, they have a matte finish which creates a more natural appearance.

Color - Most people use black mascara or choose black extensions, but if you have blonde or brown natural lashes, you can get extensions that match them. It’s one way to fool the outside world into thinking you were born with those fluffy features. 

Volume - The most subtle results come from a one-to-one application ratio, where one extension is applied to each natural lash. You get Volume Lashes when multiple extensions are attached to each lash. Your Lash Stylist can turn down the volume by not applying an extension to every lash. 

Style - Lashes in nature tend to be shorter in the outer corner and they aren’t all the same length, so mimicking reality by staggering the lengths of the extensions looks more natural. Fanning the strands less densely will tone down the extension style you choose. Sometimes a set of Hybrid Lashes, which refers to using more than one style on a lash line, offers natural looking variation in spacing and texture. 

How Eye Shape Can Influence Your Lash Style 

Do you know the shape of your eyes? If you’ve never been to an Amazing Lash Studio location, maybe you’ve never given it much thought, but there are typically four types of eye shapes that each of us have: almond, wide-set, close-set, and hooded. 

Your Lash Stylist will help you select a style best suited for your eye and face shape, your desired look, and even your lifestyle. Lash styles (and their placement) play a big role in highlighting your features.

Those with almond eyes can pretty much wear any eyelash extension they want and look great. Long and feathery extensions will help bring wide-set eyes closer together. For those with close-set eyes, any style that places more lashes on the outside will look awesome. Hooded eyes tend to appear smaller, so a style with more lashes in the center of the lash line will look brilliant.

These are the Lash styles that you can choose from, and all can be adjusted by your Stylist 





It’s perfectly understandable if you want Natural Lashes, which are the most lightweight and wispy.

The One With the Natural Lashes

Sure, an attention-grabbing full set of Gorgeous or Sexy Lash styles has the power to command the room, but if you want a more toned-down approach that keeps your friends wondering what you’ve changed that makes you stand out, try the Natural Lash style next time you visit an Amazing Lash Studio location. Did you get microbladed brows? A spray tan? Do something with your bangs? Keeping them guessing is half the fun. And the best part is, you really can tell them it’s all natural. *wink*

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