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Want your face to look thinner, younger and great in pictures?

Have sensitive skin?

Don’t worry.  Amazing Lash Studio uses a custom, proprietary sensitive formula that works on all skin types and includes an exclusive hair inhibitor to slow hair regrowth after waxing.  Your skin will be nice and calm when picture day comes. 

Make another appointment before you leave.  Brows shed and grow everyday, your next appointment will darken the new growth and give you added richness of color and definition.

Shaping and tinting your brows is a great place to start!


There are a lot of ways to look great in pictures.  If you’re taking a selfie, aim down to look thinner!  If you want to look great on Instagram, use a flattering filter.  You probably know what kind of smile is most flattering and least likely to bunch your cheeks or accentuate your “smile lines”.  These things all go a long way toward helping you look thinner, younger and amazing in your selfies and profile pictures, but there are some things that an angle or a filter just can’t fix.  Don’t worry. We’re here to help!


One way to give your face a younger, thinner and more lifted look (without invasive surgery!) is by booking a Brow Wax and Tint with the pros at the Amazing Lash Studio.  EYEBROW WAX & TINT SERVICES sculpt and define your eyebrows through the use of shape and color.  Waxing gives the brow a pleasing shape which can make your eyes appear brighter, more vibrant and give your face a thinner, younger and more lifted look not just in selfies and photos, but in real life too! Tinting adds custom-blended color to lashes and brows to create the eye-catching glamour that the camera just loves!  


You know what else cameras love? Capturing every tiny bit of peach fuzz on your lip or chin.  If you’re having important photos taken, you might want to book a lip wax, a chin wax or a full face wax with Amazing Lash Studio- we do that too! 

Love your photos on photo day?  Share them using #AmazingLashStudio.  We’d love to see!