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How do I choose a brow color that’s right for me?

Pro Tip:

Make another appointment before you leave so you can enjoy fresh, rich color month after month.

Want to darken or lighten your brows? Let a pro help you choose the color that’s right for you.


Tired of seeing mousey brows when you look in the mirror?  Feeling like your dark brows compete with your summery highlights? Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking of enhancing or changing the color of your brows, you’ve probably discovered that making the choice can be tricky.  Brows that are too dark for you can overpower your eyes and lashes in an unflattering way. Brows that are too list can give you a “washed out” look. Eyebrow pencils and makeup can be a great way to experiment with color, but you may buy many different types of products in a few different shades before you find the magic combination that gives you the look you want, and then you’ll need to reapply every day--sometimes more than once a day!


If you really want to ensure that you choose a brow color that’s truly right for you the easiest and best way to go may be consulting a professional stylist, like the ones you’ll find at Amazing Lash Studio.  They’ve helped many people like you choose a brow color that’s right for them, and they have experience mixing custom brow--and lash!--tints for a wide variety of people. They’ll be able to save you valuable time--plus the frustration of trial and error--and the results they can give are long-lasting, unlike makeup you’ll need to apply again and again.


If you want a brow color that’s not just chosen for you, but custom created for you, we recommend having your brows professionally tinted by a specially trained stylist at The Amazing Lash Studio.


To have your eyebrows tinted, simply find an Amazing Lash Studio near you and ask to book an eyebrow tinting service. Your stylist will start with a consultation.  This is when you choose the brow color that’s really right for you.  Once your brow color is chosen, it’s time to get great results with an Eyebrow Tinting Service. This service is defined as the addition of color to darken and define your brows. This  can add definition to your brow shape and draw attention to your eyes giving them a brighter, more lifted look. As you know (but it’s so great we just have to repeat it) your tint will be custom-blended and applied by a professional stylist. When you leave your eyes will be the color of your dreams--or maybe even better thanks to that pro advice!--and as an added bonus: you won’t even need makeup to keep the color fresh day after day.