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Help! I plucked my own brows and now they’re uneven!!!

EYEBROW WAXING is the use of wax to sculpt eyebrows into a stylish, flattering and well-defined shape. Brow shapes may be glamorous or natural, whatever suits your style, and often give your eyes a lifted and brightened look. Whatever shape you choose your stylist will make sure your brows are even before you leave the studio.  No more overplucking. No more irritation.

Speaking of irritation, have sensitive skin? Don’t worry. Amazing Lash Studio uses a custom, proprietary sensitive formula that works on all skin types and includes an exclusive hair inhibitor to slow hair regrowth after waxing. Even with the inhibitor, you’ll want to schedule another appointment before you leave so you can keep new growth in check and your brows beautifully even. 

Treat yourself to this beauty ritual every so often and you’ll never have to fix uneven eyebrows again!

How to even out uneven brows, without over plucking?

There’s nothing more polished-looking than a beautifully arched pair of eyebrows.  It’s the crowning touch that takes a face from beautiful to red-carpet glamorous. We don’t know of a single person who was born with those arches.  Most of us come by them the old-fashioned way: plucking or waxing. Like so many of us, you treated yourself to an at-home beauty experience and (also like so many of us) your results.  


We’re glad you stopped to google advice before you went back at it.  You’re at a precarious point. In your attempt to even your brows you could over-pluck them and wind up with too few brows to arch!  You could also irritate your skin with excessive waxing. And even if you manage to avoid these two easy-to-make mistakes, you still might not get the even brows you desire. 


There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.  (I mean, you probably asked Google, didn’t you?) The thing is, Google can’t do it for you.  Google can only get you back where you started--shaping your own brows. For best results, and to avoid further damage, why not call the professionals at Amazing Lash Studio--they do brows too! Ask for a Brow Waxing Service and you’ll be on your way to gorgeous arches.