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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions and How They May Be Perfect

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions and How They May Be Perfect

When faced with a decision about the intensity of your eyelash extensions, it’s a little like Goldilocks’ visit to the cabin of the three bears. A volume set is big, a classic set is small, but a hybrid set is just right. There are slight variations that provide very different looks, but each of the three primary techniques of extensions are perfect for your ideal vision of you.

Hybrid extensions give you options. They are a mix of classic and volume lash extensions that create a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone. And for many, they’re just right

Let’s take a look at the difference between Classic, Volume, and Hybrid eyelash extensions at the Amazing Lash Studio brand.

Classic Lash Extensions

Many guests like to keep it standard and straightforward when it comes to selecting their Lash style. Those dedicated Lashionistas stick with the four Classic sets at Amazing Lash Studio locations: Gorgeous, Natural, Sexy and Cute.

Any Classic set of Lashes from the Amazing Lash Studio brand offers you a guaranteed subtle beauty boost that often looks like you have a really great mascara wand. 

Classic Lash extensions are simpler than Hybrid or Volume Lashes, both in the application process and the level of attention you get from them. The ratio is 1 to 1, where one extension is attached to one natural eyelash. By comparison, Volume Lashes feature multiple synthetic strands attached to each natural lash.

Thickness is another difference between Classic and other styles of lash sets. There are various sizes of eyelash extensions and the softest, most traditional look ranges from approximately 0.10mm to 0.12mm. The range extends to a thickness of 0.15mm. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Classic eyelash extensions - The Classic extensions may not be the best choice if you have thin, sparse lashes because they lack the volume to fill in gaps, but they can still be effective. The application process is faster, which means they’re typically less expensive.

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lashes are the Papa Bear choice of Lash extensions. When “natural looking makeup” is furthest from your mind, we suggest talking to your Lash Stylist about the Featherweight Volume Lashes®️ style. Also known as Featherweight Russian Volume, these are ultra-light, crazy comfortable, and so weightless that you may forget you’re wearing them. Going for a Volume set is definitely on the table. They can be as long and voluminous as you want them to be.

Using an advanced technique for eyelash extension application, your Lash artist creates a dramatic and full set with a many-to-1 ratio of synthetic lashes to your natural lash line. The ratio is greater when you want to turn up the volume (pun intended) though the larger the fan, the thinner the individual strands used in the extensions. So, a standard Volume set ranges from 0.05 to 0.07mm in thickness, while a mega volume might be just 0.03mm to 0.05mm in size. 

At Amazing Lash Studio locations, the brand offers Classic 3D and Glam 6D Volume Lashes, though your Stylist can alter their application in any way to fit a certain look you may be going for. The 3D Volume is made up of three synthetic strands attached to one natural lash to provide fullness with a more natural, wispy, everyday look; the 6D Volume is made of six synthetic strands to offer a dramatic, made-up look.

Advantages and disadvantages of Volume eyelash extensions - Not only do Volume Lashes make a strong statement (which makes it worth the investment), you get a bold and transformative look. Because your Lash Stylist must create pre-made fans for volume, it means they’re typically a greater investment and the application process takes longer. The good news is the look is customized.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions are the Goldilocks standard of “just right” if you want to make a bigger splash than your Classic set provides but you aren’t ready to dive into a Volume set. 

Hybrid also can look very different from guest to guest based on the density of the Lash extensions used, thereby providing a personalized and customized approach. For instance, you can get a 70 percent Classic/30 percent Volume style combination or some other ratio. This might be important to you because Volume Lashes in the middle of the lash line make your eyes appear wide open, but when placed in the corners, it adds contour to your eyes. Depending on what you and your Lash Stylist decide, your Hybrid appointment can last between 2-3 hours. A Lash Refill for Hybrid appointments lasts about one hour. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid eyelash extensions - The Hybrid extensions provide a fuller lash line and greater texture than a Classic set of Lashes, and the look can be customized by both the ratio and placement of Classic and Volume Lash extensions. However, if your own natural lashes aren’t long and healthy, you may need greater volume than the hybrid technique offers. Hybrids cost more than Classic Lashes because fans need to be created and they’re customized to add length and thickness where you need it. 

Best Candidates for Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

If you tend to love personalizing your drink order at Starbucks, playing up your uniqueness in any way possible, and tend to be commitment-oriented, Hybrid Lashes are the perfect Lash style for you! If you’re blasé about lightweight, wispy, “barely there” lashes but not brave enough to go full-bore into a big, bold Volume set, Hybrid Lash extensions enable you to have the best of both worlds.

Maybe your lifestyle is a mix of high life and under-the-radar leisure time. If you work in fashion PR or the entertainment industry, a look that’s over-the-top is probably an advantage. But if you want something that’s a little less dramatic and believe less is more, you might be better off with Classic eyelash extensions. For everyone else, getting a Hybrid set is a perfect match for daytime or active nightlife.

Some people hate making a decision, and if that’s you, don’t beat yourself up -- just choose something in the middle. It’s exactly what Hybrid eyelash extensions are -- the middle ground between too soft and too loud. With a set of Hybrids, you can be a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll -- and that may be just right. 

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