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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Don’t you hate it when your drink is too short, the hours are too long, and the foolishness is just too much? When you invest in yourself, you want value for your beauty budget. 

A few hours of getting pampered in an Amazing Lash Studio® location is a small and easy price to pay for the life-changing look of a dramatic new set of eyelash extensions. However, the sensational lash length and remarkable volume you have when you step out of the studio doesn’t last forever -- but here is how you can help them last as long as possible.

It begs the question, “Just how long do eyelash extensions last?”

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The lightweight extensions applied by Stylists at an Amazing Lash Studio location are designed with durability and staying power. The specially formulated adhesive used, the process Stylists follow, and the aftercare tips they provide are part of a process that will ensure maximum Lash retention and health. Of course, there are other factors that affect how long your set of lashes stay in place and continue to turn heads.

The best news is that following your Stylist’s aftercare tips will help you have long, full lashes for four to six weeks, and that’s a lot of head-turning.

Your Physical Features: Genetics and Lash Life

The Amazing Lash Studio brand wishes lashes would never fall out, but it’s a fact of life. You have between 90 and 160 eyelashes on your top eyelid and they fall out naturally, just like the hair on your head. But Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, grants you new lashes every 2-3 weeks, just like a Fairy Godmother. Anyway, it’s why everyone always has lashes to protect their eyes. 

In the same way that skin tone and eye shape vary from person to person, each individual’s eyelash growth cycle is unique to them. Your personal health and hair growth based on your DNA also influences how quickly your lashes replace themselves. The typical cycle is 6-10 weeks, but it’s normal to lose one to five lashes per day. 

Because some supplements make hair grow and fall out more quickly, those who take prenatal pills or vitamins for hair growth will see fuller lashes, but may have to book Lash Fills more regularly.

Because your Lash Stylist applies the synthetic strands to your natural lashes, the rate your body sheds lashes directly affects the retention of your extensions and how long you maintain your beautiful new look. 

The amount of time your extensions last primarily depends on your lash growth and how well you prioritize lash maintenance, but it is recommended you come in twice a month, which is similar to the fallout timing of your natural lashes. 

The Amazing Lash Studio Brand Application Process

What happens in the Amazing Lash Studio locations is largely determined by the artistry of the Lash Stylist and the guest! The type of lash adhesive (lash glue) used at Amazing Lash Studio locations makes a difference. The adhesive used is  safe, professional grade adhesive and Stylists use the utmost care to give you the look you desire while you relax and enjoy the tranquility of your private lash suite. 

Each strand is attached to individual lashes, either one-to-one or multiple synthetics to a single lash, depending on what type of lashes you’re getting. 

Remember, Lash extensions last longer when they’re applied to clean eyelids, which is why all guests are asked to arrive with no makeup and a fresh face. Review more pre-appointment instructions here! You can also book a Lash Bath before your scheduled appointment. 

The size and style of your extensions also affect the endurance of your new Lashes. The Amazing Lash Studio brand uses lightweight vegan extensions that last longer than fibers, such as mink. Choosing a Lash Style that’s less voluminous and has a similar curl to your natural lashes can also extend the life of your look.

Lash Extension Aftercare

Your Stylist will give you step-by-step instructions for the first 24 hours following your appointment while the adhesive cures. When you follow the aftercare tips and tricks, you lengthen the life of your Lashes and get maximum value. 

Keep your new extensions dry for 24-48 hours after your Lash application to maximize retention. That means you should avoid activities that produce sweat or tears, and be careful when you wash your face because moisture will keep the glue from curing completely. Activities such as swimming within this period will undermine your Lash life, and you definitely want to postpone any visits to the steam room at the gym. 

It’s best to avoid wearing oil-based eye makeup or products for a day or two. You won’t want to attend a wedding the same day as your appointment; be sure to build in a safety day before any big events.  

Try to not touch or rub your new Lashes. Begin a practice of brushing your lashes regularly like you do your hair -- twice a day is suggested. Use the Amazing Lash Studio Retractable Wand to prevent buildup and remove debris; it helps keep clumps from developing.

Lash Baths also can help with retention. This service ensures your natural lashes do not have any residue or oils that could impact the adhesion of the new lashes. 

Amazing Lash Studio Brand Tips to Retain Your Eyelash Extensions

After following your aftercare instructions, you can adopt a routine that prolongs the life of your extensions to widen the window of time between appointments. 

Keep your face clean, especially above your eyes, because sweat and oils that reach the eye area break down the adhesive. After the first 48 hours, use a specialized Lash cleanser -- like the Amazing Lash Studio Foam Cleanser -- to wash with daily. For added strength, shine and gloss, use the Protective Lash Coating on your new Lashes. This clear coating helps protect eyelash extensions and the adhesive bond.

For many people, becoming a Lashionista means you no longer need eye makeup, but if you want the added drama of mascara, avoid using oil-based products. That goes for any cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup near your eyes -- even your makeup remover! 

Sleep on your back or your side rather than placing pressure on your lash zone; don’t bury your face in a pillow. Use the Amazing Lash Studio Contoured Eye Sleeping Mask or the Satin Pillowcases to avoid snagging your Lashes when you turn over in the middle of the night.

What’s the Impact of Lash Refills?

In the natural process of losing your lashes, your extensions start to thin out too. A Lash Refill is a scaled-down version of a full set appointment and bridges the gap between more complete, comprehensive services. If you wait 4-8 weeks to see your Lash Stylist, you’ll have a hit or miss experience when it comes to maintaining a finished look. But you can keep making a dramatic entrance when you let a Stylist monitor your lash line, remove loose extensions as they crop up, and apply lashes to new ones that have grown. 

The choice to wear Lash extensions is a worthy investment in yourself, your lifestyle, and your confidence, especially when you play an active role and take steps to maintain the life of your new look. 

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