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Amazing Lash Studio South Point Reviews 

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TheAdorablyFit FoodForFitness
5/5 stars 
May 2018

I had never had false eyelashes before and I was a little nervous they would look fake. When the technician told me she was finished, I looked in the mirror and instantly had a giant smile flash across my face. They looked so good! I’m really excited about having lashes 24/7 now. Even when I first roll out of bed in the morning, I feel confident.

Deleen Harring
May 2018

This was my first time getting lashes. I worked with Mesha and she was so nice and AWESOME!!!! She was helpful, quick, and explained everything so thoroughly that I had no questions. The staff was great too. Clean and relaxing atmosphere. I am very satisfied with my lashes!!!

Amber Feken
4/5 stars
May 2018

I have used several of the ladies and have found Loren to be very good. She's not a master or whatever it's called. She's still very capable. If you have the money to see one of the masters, I would do that. They finish the lashes in half the time. Either way, I would recommend this studio.

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