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Amazing Lash Studio
3457 Via Montebello Suite 152
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Hours of Operation
9AM to 8 PM   Monday-Friday
9AM to 6 PM   Saturday
10 AM to 5 PM   Sunday
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Now Open in La Costa!

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Enhance the look of your natural lashes with Amazing Lash Studio’s semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Our lash stylists will work with you to create the perfect lash look you’ve been dreaming of using our unique patented application technique. Choose from one of our four incredible styles or go bold with our specialty lash options! We’re open evenings and weekends so you can fit lashes into your schedule.

Your Look, Your Style, Our Lashes

Amazing Lash Studio La Costa offers four unique lash styles:

  • Gorgeous - Longer, thicker lashes spread across your entire lash line to give you the ultimate bombshell look.
  • Natural - Your lashes, only better! Add length that follows the contours of your existing lash line to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.
  • Sexy - Make every wink count by adding an extra flirtatious flare on the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Cute - Big, bright, beautiful eyes are all yours! Add length to the center of your lashes to make your eyes appear longer.


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Affordable and Convenient Appointments Await

There’s no greater freedom for a busy woman than waking up, getting dressed, and walking out the door to start her day. And that’s the luxuriously simple lifestyle you can grow accustomed to after a lash stylist from the Amazing Lash Studio has applied your lightweight and comfortable semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The extra time you would’ve spent painstakingly washing away your sleepy raccoon eyes (despite what you thought was a thorough cleansing the night before), then curling your eyelashes and applying enough coats of mascara to look alive first thing in the morning could be allocated toward a longer workout, more quality time with your kids, or 10 precious extra minutes of sleep. But perhaps the true beauty of your longer and thicker lashes from our location eyelash extension studio is the convenience — you can schedule your appointment early in the morning, late at night, on the weekends or over your lunch break. And our affordable membership plan makes your monthly upkeep a breeze because you’ll enjoy discounted products and services and the utmost care from your favorite lash stylist.