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We know when you look good, you feel good—and with lashes, you feel GREAT! So get that lash look you love everyday, in an even better waya membership! Our fabulous membership options have bundled savings, beautiful perks and surprises, discounts and options for every style PLUS they all come with the new Love Your Look Lash Promise! 

Classic Lashes
2 Classic Refills per Month

Classic lash extensions for a classically beautiful look.


Save $61/month

$169/month with Master Stylist

Save $91/month

Volume Lashes
2 Volume Refills per Month

Subtle or seductive, dial up your look with full or partial Volume lash extensions.


Save $91/month

$219/month with Master Stylist

Save $111/month

Mega Volume Lashes
2 Mega Volume Refills per Month

Be show-stopping with the fullest, most dramatic Mega Volume lash extensions.


Save $91/month

$259/month with Master Stylist

Save $111/month

  Learn more at your next appointment!

Let Us Know and We'll Make it Right!

Why Choose a Master Stylist Membership?

All Lash Stylists do beautiful work! But when someone's skill and advanced artistry rises to a new level, nothing but the title Master Stylist will do!

Master Stylists are the most requested and the most advanced lash artists on the books. They stand out with their expert skill, close attention to detail, and their experience (which translates to a speedier service, without sacrificing quality).

They are passionate about making sure your lashes are exactly what you're looking for and are undeniably YOU.



Complimentary Lash Bath (with 2x membership) to help support lash retention


Enjoy Amazing Lash Studio product discounts and save on upgrades



Receive a special lash-iversary reward & early access to new services & products


Refer a fellow (potential) lash lover and be rewarded!



five star review


"After getting a few refills, I was hooked on the way my lashes made me feel, so I became a member. I love the bundled memberships so I know EXACTLY how much it’s going to cost each time. I save money and I can keep my lashes looking fabulous."
-Ashley R.


How often should I be getting refills?

Most of our clients say are happiest when they are getting refills every 2 weeks. Keeping your lashes full and fresh leaves you always ready to STUN.


Why should I consider a Master Stylist membership?

Master Stylists are the most requested and advanced Lash Stylists on the books, with expert skill and attention to detail. A Master Stylist membership enables you to consistently access this level of expertise in the most affordable way.


What if I have a Twice Monthly Membership and don’t like the look I receive when I come in?

Please let us know and we’ll make it right.


What happens if I want to switch between membership plans?

Switching memberships types is easy! Please notify the Lash Consultant and they will make sure you are switched to the right membership for you.


What’s a Lash Bath?

Before your lash extension service, a Lash Bath is performed to thoroughly and gently cleanse your lashes. Applying lash extensions to clean surface can help with lash retention.

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