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Model wearing Amazing Volume Glam (6D) lash extensions

What to Expect at Amazing Lash Studios

If eyes are the windows to the soul, shouldn’t yours be fabulous?


Your coffee is amped up with a few shots of espresso, your workout is elevated with circuit training, you’ve stepped up your selfie game with filters — what’s next? It’s time for next-level lashes!  

Lash Stylist applies Amazing Volume Classic (3D) lash extensions to a guest's eyelashes


Eyelash extensions are new to many of our guests. Great news, you’ve come to the right place! From our comprehensive training program for our lash stylists to our patented styles and application process, we know lashes and have the answers to your questions.  Click the FAQ above to get the details!

Your First Visit

New to eyelash extensions? We understand the unknown can be intimidating. But have no fear — it’s actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. In fact, since your eyes are closed for the duration of the appointment, many of our guests simply drift off for a nap (how often do you get two hours of peace and quiet?). Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early, with a make-up-free face, to fill out some paperwork. Next, your stylist will escort you to a private room, where you’ll lay on a comfortable, cushioned massage table, draped under a cozy velour blanket. Your stylist will then conduct a lash health evaluation, answer any questions you have, guide you in choosing the perfect lash style, and begin applying your eyelash extensions. When you awaken, you’ll find the longer, thicker and more voluminous eyelashes you’ve been dreaming of.

Studio Lobby with Lash Consultant and two guests

Studio Experience

The moment you set foot in one of our studios, you know you are in the right place. Our contemporary studio designs welcome you with a bright, comfortable lobby where you will complete some initial documentation to help your stylist customize your style. You will be greeted by your licensed lash stylist and escorted to your private suite. That’s right, a private suite so you can relax and unwind while our stylists do their magic. Your stylist will review your documentation and discuss the look you are seeking. Together you will review the proprietary lash styles and determine the length and thickness of your lashes. Next, you get comfortable on our cushioned massage tables and the stylist begins their magic. Upon completion of your lashes, your stylist will offer you a mirror so you can see your new look and make any adjustments needed. Your stylist will then review aftercare instructions and escort you to the lobby for checkout.

Model wearing Amazing Lash Studio's eyelash extensions in the Sexy style

After Your Appointment

Your lash stylists will cover the details of your aftercare at the end of your appointment. To maximize the life of your lashes, avoid direct contact with water on your lashes. Please avoid steam as it will weaken the bond of the adhesive. During the first 48 hours avoid rubbing your eyes and try to sleep without rubbing your face and eyelashes into your pillow.