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Amazing Lash Studio
3457 Via Montebello Suite 152
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Hours of Operation
9AM to 8 PM   Monday-Friday
9AM to 6 PM   Saturday
9 AM to 5 PM   Sunday
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First full set of lashes
ONLY $89.99
Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions in La Costa.
Amazing Lash Studio: La Costa Town Center


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Amazing Lash Studio: La Costa provides high-quality lash extensions in Carlsbad, CA. Our studio is conveniently located at the La Costa Town Center shopping plaza. We are conveniently located in the in the same shopping center as Vons, Petco, and 24 Hour Fitness.

Are you tired of wasting your time getting ready? Achieve longer, fuller lashes without the hassle of mascara. Whether you want a glamorous definition or a natural look, our lash stylists can instantly give you the lashes you’ve always wanted. Visit our studio today to speak with a stylist about your ideal set of lashes. You can choose the perfect length, volume, and lash style to get the exact look you desire. Wake up each morning with perfect lashes that are ready to go before you are. Call or text us at 760-452-4522 schedule your appointment today to get your eyelash extensions in La Costa. Evening and weekend appointments are available and walk-ins are always welcome.

Ready to give your eyes a luxurious upgrade? These are not your typical set of false lashes! Your stylist will create the perfect look by individually applying each strand one-by-one to your own real eyelashes. Our technique will result in a fuller, natural-looking lash line. With our introductory offer of $89.99 for a full set, you'll be able to achieve longer, fuller lashes at an affordable price! Have a busy schedule? We have flexible scheduling available on evenings and weekends so that you'll be able to easily fit new, gorgeous lash extensions into your beauty routine.


4 Amazing Lash Extension Styles To Choose From:
Gorgeous Lashes

This style features longer and thicker eyelash extensions along the entire lash line. With longer, fuller lashes all over, you will always be red-carpet ready.

Sexy Lashes

This style features eyelash extensions that are longer on the outside edge of the eyes. Longer lashes on the outside corner of your eye will make every wink count.


Cute Lashes

Big bright eyes can be yours! This style uses longer eyelash extensions at the center of your lash line to make your eyes appear longer.

Natural Lashes

You... only better. Longer eyelash extensions tapered to follow your existing lash line and enhance the natural shape of your eyes.


Affordable and Convenient Appointments Await


There’s no greater freedom for a busy woman than waking up, getting dressed, and walking out the door to start her day. That’s the luxuriously simple lifestyle you can grow accustomed to after a lash stylist from the Amazing Lash Studio has applied your lightweight and comfortable semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Their curve and finish are so natural you can claim them as your own. The eyelash extensions are varying lengths and thickness to naturally enhance your existing lashes, transforming them into something truly amazing!

$89.99 Introductory Offer.
Regular price $250.00


Call or text us today at (760) 452-4522. You can also request an appointment on our website online

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