LASH b[Log]: Summer Beauty in the Blink of an Eye

Monday June 26, 2017

Have you ever noticed how summer can easily turn your time-intensive beauty regimens into wasted effort? Perfectly coiffed hair can go limp or frizzy the second you step out the door, a matte foundation application can quickly turn shiny, and mascara can run in high humidity. Thankfully, simple solutions exist: a strategically-messy bun is your new best friend, a dewy complexion is in, and natural-looking (but thicker and longer than your own) lash extensions mean you can skip mascara entirely. All summer long.

In fact, with eyelash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio, our new summer routine can begin and end with lip gloss because you’ll be waking up with lashes that are already long and voluminous, and have you looking way more awake then you are in these early sun-up hours of summer. Choose from four patented, semi-permanent eyelashes styles that vary by length and thickness — Natural, Sexy, Gorgeous and Cute — to customize your look.

Lightweight and comfortable lash extensions bring you one step closer to achieving the effortless beauty you crave. You can:

Save time. Spend the extra 10 minutes you aren’t using to apply a full face of makeup by sleeping in, doing more circuits at the gym, getting a jump start on your emails or spend that extra time with your kids — the choice is yours. Isn’t it nice to have choices in the morning?

Swim, lounge, then dine. Without mascara, there’s no need to worry about unflattering raccoon eyes after swimming or lounging beach or poolside on a lazy summer day. Jump into a quick shower, pull your hair back into a sleek summer ponytail and off to dinner you go in record time looking effortlessly chic, even without make-up.

Travel lighter. The hardest part about packing for vacation is gathering all the products you just can’t live without, but all those bottles can really weigh you down. Since your new lashes frame your eyes so beautifully, you can ease up on the rest of your routine and flaunt a natural look without missing a single photo opp with your family or selfie with your friends.

Our lash stylists have undergone a comprehensive training program to learn our proprietary application process, in addition to their professional training as a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. “We will begin your appointment by conducting a lash health evaluation, answering any questions you have, and guiding you in choosing the perfect lash style for your lifestyle. Your eyelash extension application takes place in a serene suite on a massage table, where you’ll relax with your eyes closed, as your stylist adheres single strands of lash extensions to each of your own natural eyelashes, one by one.”

Once you discover the effortless beauty eyelash extensions deliver, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without Amazing Lash Studio franchise!

Ready to upgrade your natural lashes? To book an appointment for a full set of eyelash extensions or to inquire about how you can save even more with our membership maintenance program, visit the Amazing Lash Studio nearest you. Our studios are open evenings and weekends to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.