Jersey Girl Talks About Amazing Lash Studio Experience

By Adrienne Aka Jersey Girl Talks
Monday May 01, 2017

It seems like every time I log onto social media I see girls with long, luxurious eyelashes. Some of them wear false lashes, but a majority are now opting for a more semi-permanent solution – eyelash extensions. I recently was contacted by the PR agency for Amazing Lash Studio in Westfield, New Jersey and they asked if I would be interested in coming in to get my lashes done. I honestly hadn’t heard of Amazing Lash Studio before and I was intrigued, but also slightly hesitant. I have had eyelash extensions done before and while I loved how they looked, I did not have the best experience with what happened to my lashes after they came off. I figured it was worth revisiting the idea and decided to make an appointment and take the drive down to visit the new salon.

A little bit of background on my prior eyelash extension experience – I had eyelash extensions done for my wedding back in June 2015. I didn’t want to have to worry about wearing false lash strips on my wedding day and heaven forbid they got loose or fell off (imagine, lol). So I went online and did some searching and found a local place not too far from my home. Their website focused on eyelash extensions but when I arrived I realized this place was also a nail and hair salon. Right away I should have seen a red flag. I got my first set put on and was a bit disappointed – they weren’t as long or thick as I hoped. I went back 2 more times before my wedding and the lady put on a TON more lashes. This made them look amazing for photographs, but the days after my wedding my eyelashes began to come out in clumps anytime I would wash my lashes. The lashes were far too heavy and were making my lashes come off with the extensions. Long story short, I was left with more than half of my eyelashes GONE, completely for two months until they grew back. For this reason I was afraid to ever get them done again. (thank god for sunglasses on my honeymoon).

This time around I had a few things that I had to make sure of before I began the lash process, and here are some tips that I highly recommend when deciding to get eyelash extensions:

  1. Go with a LASH PROFESSIONAL! Don’t go to a nail or hair salon that also happens to do this service, it’s not what they do day in and day out so they won’t be an expert. Going to a studio or salon that just does lashes ensures that they are trained and have an expertise in lash application. This is why I agreed to go to Amazing Lash.
  2. Talk to your technician and share your concerns. If you have sensitive skin make sure to let her know, or if you have any allergies. It’s important that you speak honestly about your concerns so that she can keep that in mind when applying your lashes. For me I wanted to ensure that we didn’t put too many lashes on so that they wouldn’t be too unnatural or heavy.
  3. Check reviews and also go with friend recommendations. If your friends have someone they love and trust, it might be worth going there. Always go by reviews and seek out information from people who have gotten to process done.
  4. They will only be as good as the care you give them. Having glue applied to your lashes is something to take seriously. You need to ensure the lashes are cleaned daily to prevent bacteria or infection. Your eyes are nothing to take lightly, so if you are going to get extensions make sure you can put the time in to care for them.
  5. If you do not like them, or have an adverse reaction to them do not just pull them off. The glue can cause some people to have reactions with their eyes, and it will go away after a day or two, but don’t freak out and start ripping them off. If you do not want to keep your lashes on, go back to your salon for removal.
  6. If you want to remove them at home, make sure to do it right. The best way to take them off is to clean the area, put your face over a steaming sink of water and apply coconut oil. Do this over and over and over a day or two they will slowly start to slide off on their own. Do not yank them off or you’ll take your own lashes off too. I highly recommend not doing this yourself, but if one of the lashes is hurting or annoying you I did this at home myself just fine.

My experience getting my lashes done this time around – Amazing Lash Studio in Westfield, NJ (My technician was named Nykita):

The neighborhood:

For a year I lived down in the Westfield, NJ area – it was the first place me and my now husband lived together. We enjoyed the area so much, with it’s shopping, restaurants and our apartment was across the street from the Gold Medal fitness center so we got our workouts in on the daily! I also loved how the heart of Westfield had so many shops to just walk around and enjoy. The Amazing Lash Studio is right there in the middle of everything, located right near the Victoria Secret and up the block from the Starbucks. You can get your lashes done and a latte in one quick visit! You can park on the street or in the back of the studio where there is ample public parking.

The Studio:

The Amazing Lash studio is hip, trendy and inviting. There are products on display, lots of literature to read, helpful staff and 14 private treatment suites to provide a truly relaxing experience. Whether you are coming in for a pre-booked appointment, or just want to pop in to ask a few questions the staff is ready to help. The rooms are cozy and intimate and everything is clean, bright and bold in their signature red and white color palette. Upon arrival you will fill out some forms, wash your lashes to remove any dirt, oil or makeup and then be brought into the room and meet your tech.

before and after photo of eyelash extensions

Top Notch Service & Expertise: 

You don’t have to worry that the woman applying your lashes just learned how to do it from a YouTube video the day before. Unlike many places you find on deal sites, this is a lash salon – that’s it. They aren’t a nail salon doing extensions in the back room – this is all they do and what they do best. Each stylist has been fully trained in the patented application process, ensuring each individual light weight eyelash extension is properly applied using professional grade adhesive to give you the most natural looking finish. Nykita, the woman who did my lashes, was absolutely fantastic! I have never had someone do a full set of eyelashes as fast as she did, but with such precision. Her application was flawless, her hands were quickly applying lash by lash and making me look flawless. She also took the time to go over each of the styles with me (there are 4 to choose from, which I will go over below) and let me know which she would suggest for me. She was pleasant and put me at ease, answered all of my questions and made the entire process so enjoyable.

Pricing and upkeep: 

After your lashes are done you will need to maintain them at home. I received some great take home goodies to keep them clean and looking great. At night and in the morning I wash the lashes with their eyelash foaming cleanser, then I brush them with the eyelash wand. This helps to keep them in place. As far as pricing Amazing Lash has a unique membership program. Save on monthly lash refills and maintenance products to ensure your lashes are kept in tip-top shape all year round.

Monthly Membership Dues: $59.99 *Includes 1 complimentary refill per month and a discounted special membership rate for other treatments Introductory offer: $79.99 for first full set of eyelashes (regular price: $250). Make sure to tell them Adrienne sent you and I highly recommend Nykita.

Amazing Lash Studio Westfield: 225 E. Broad Street, Westfield NJ 07090 908-312-3770 For more information please visit

before and after photo of eyelash extensions

How the process works:

  • You will lay down flat on a bed with the tech behind you. You will be comfortable and can likely fall asleep during the process.
  • It takes about 90 minutes for your first set of lashes to be applied from start to finish
  • Your lower lashes will be secured down with either tap or a gel like under eye pad to keep them out of the way of the glue application
  • Your eyes will be closed the entire time as she begins to apply the fake lash to your own lash one by one. Each lash is applied to your own lash as close to the root as possible, not on the skin.
  • The glue can be irritating to some, so make sure to tell your tech if you feel any burning or stinging. She can then take a break or put a fan on your eyes
  • She will work quickly and you will not feel any discomfort.
  • After they are done you cannot get them too wet for up to 48 hours so the glue dries and sets in; no sweating, swimming, getting them overly wet. A shower is okay and you will want to wash them gently with the cleanser to keep them clean
  • Avoid touching them and sleeping on them to allow them to set in place
  • You will go back for a fill in in about 2-3 weeks; they will shed with your own eyelashes. Your own eyelashes shed every 2-3 weeks so they will come off with your own natural shedding.

After photo of eyelash extensions

Overall Thoughts:

I really like how my eyelashes came out. I got the style called “SEXY” which has a bit more volume on the ends for a cat eye effect. After the first day my eyes did get a bit sensitive and I was noticing I was rubbing them a lot. Sometimes this happens a day or two after due to the glue, but it did go away. I am not sure yet if I will maintain the lashes simply because of my schedule and my weekends are pretty packed with things to do, but I would be open to going back to Amazing Lash. Everyone was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable.

If you have the time, and money, to invest in the ongoing upkeep of eyelash extensions I would say go for it – but always go with a reputable place (not just a salon you find on Groupon or Living Social). Make sure that you really care for your lashes and if they don’t feel comfortable call the salon or visit them to see if perhaps they can make adjustments. Never ever remove them unless you really know how or go visit the tech who applied them to remove them.

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