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Friday March 17, 2017
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When Jessica Le's lashing hobby quickly turned into a high-demand service, she
and her husband Edward knew they had a hot commodity on their hands. The duo opened
their first Amazing Lash Studio in 2010 and hastily added five more corporate-owned studios to
their portfolio before going franchise. That rapid expansion served them two-fold: One- to beat
the competition. "I needed to expand rapidly in the Houston market to keep competitors from
copying me," Le shares. Two-to ensure franchising lash extension services would be a feasible
business model. "[I learned] how to best structure the business and iron out all the kinks so I
could transfer that knowledge to all the franchisees once we went that route," she says. Another
pre-franchising test? Pull Le, the face of the business, out of the equation. Though she was sad
to say goodbye to her loyal clientele, Le (who was coincidentally due for maternity leave) trusted
in her husband, a New York University business graduate with 10 years' experience running
a company in the automotive industry. His belief: If her absence caused the business to drop,
they didn't have a business model to be franchised. When the demand didn't falter, the two
entrepreneurs bet on franchising in 2013.
Fast-forward to today: The Amazing Lash Studio Franchise employs over 2,500 estheticians
and cosmetologists who have performed over 1,000,000 services, and can claim over 56,000
members. And, a true milestone: The 100th studio recently opened. "The extraordinary growth
trajectory of Amazing Lash has proven their instincts to be correct!" says chief operating officer
Heather Elrod.
As Le structured the business, named one of Entrepreneur 5oo's fastest-growing franchises,
she had a light-bulb moment when she looked at her future competition and noticed it lacked
the type of model that drives repeat lashing customers who require regular maintenance. The
solution: an economical membership program that benefits stylists, consumers and owners
alike. "Membership-based business models allow customers to get
services at a more affordable price, and it makes it more attractive to
stylists because we're helping them build their books with recurring
clients," explains franchisee owner Brett Phillips, who opened the
aforementioned 100th studio in Snellville, Georgia. "I enjoy knowing
that I'm not only providing a great service to our customers, but also a
great career opportunity to my employees:'
At Amazing Lash Studio well-priced lashes don't equal skimping on
service. New stylists undertake a rigorous two-week training program
to ensure they start at the top of their game. The franchise also
utilizes a patented technique to apply its high-quality lash extensions
(think: Single and Volume, Sexy, Cute, Natural and Gorgeous, and
Solid or two-tone Blue, Purple, Red and Green), and offers a vast retail
lineup of extension-care products such as makeup, styling wands and
foaming wash. It's no wonder the studio retains a loyal following.
- Molly Church GI




success secret
"Our precision, patented
lash application and
attention to customer's
desires and lifestyle [are
keys to our success],"
says Le. "We don't just
apply lash extensions,
we enhance the natural
beauty of every guest,
leaving them empowered
to not just look their best,
but feel their best."




Fan favorite Gorgeous
lends lashes a little extra
00mph, though clients
can opt for another hue or
style to transform lashes
for any occasion. "One
of the great things about
our styles is customers
can change their look
whenever they want,"
Phillips says.
Customers also love
No. 1 retail-seller
Naturelashes. "It works
to grow and keep natural
lashes healthy while
wearing extensions,"
Elrod explains.


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