By Cailin Koy
Wednesday February 01, 2017

Doesn’t every girl love an amazing set of lashes? I personally love them because they make going makeup-free a breeze, whether you’re going to sweat it out in the gym or take a dip in the pool (hey, in AZ it’ll happen soon enough!).�

Of course, since lashes are so “in”, there are many options for a salon – but which to choose? Trust me, when it comes to your eyes, you DON’T want to just head into the back room at any nail salon. I know because I’ve taken this chance, and you never know what you’re getting. I have literally had them put masking tape on my face. What? NO.

Go to a pro you can trust; recently, I tried Amazing Lash Studio Chandler-Ocotillo and was floored by how together they had it. When I walked in, the professional and cheerful gal at the front desk greeted me and I was instantly dazzled by her full, thick lashes. They took time and precaution to make me feel welcome and assured my experience would be one worth the cost.�

Amazing Lash Studio had several styles of lashline to choose from; I went with Sexy, which featured more of a cat-eye effect. Kelseigh took me into her booth and warned me my first application might take awhile, but we settled into such relaxed conversation that the time flew by.�

Now, you’ve got to understand what they’re dealing with here. My light hair = light lashes, so it’s a pain to even see them. I walked in with bare eyelids, which always leaves them a bit bald-looking. But when I stood up from the table and looked in the mirror….


I’m already addicted. I think I’ll go back and upgrade to Gorgeous next time for ever more lash lusciousness! Speaking of which, they have a membership option that I’ll consider once I’m clear on the pricing, because I am a lash addict and you save money by joining vs. getting individual sets and fills.�

P.s. Worried about aftercare? Amazing Lash Studio has awesome instructions…. but more importantly, they have MASCARA meant for use with lash extensions! I almost screamed when I read that!

Thanks to Amazing Lash Studio Chandler-Ocotillo, located at the corner of Ocotillo next to Target,�for hooking me up with truly amazing lashes. As it gets hotter, I’ll need them more and more!