Amazing Lash Studio Featured in Ventura Blvd Magazine

By Ventura Blvd Magazine
Friday December 01, 2017



Amazing Lash Studio Woodland Hills provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions in a con- temporary salon studio that

features 12 private lash application rooms. Owners Lisa Ruby and Steven Ruby are both Southern California natives who worked in other industries—marketing and law, respectively—before opening their own beauty studio.


What makes your services stand out from others?

“We are the largest national name brand that specializes in the application and care of eyelash extensions. Our team of licensed cosmetologists and estheticians are devoted exclusively to the art of lash beauty and utilize a patented technique to apply individual, semi-permanent exten-

sions directly to your existing lashes so the look is more natural than strip extensions.


Our stringent sanitation standards include a multi-step sterilization process for the tools we use. We also offer our own line of aftercare products to maintain the health and longevity of your lashes.”


How do you customize your services depending on a client’s needs?

“We have four proprietary eyelash exten- sion styles that are used to customize your look. Your stylist will conduct a consultation and lash health evaluation to understand your desired look and how to customize our styles to achieve it, answer any ques- tions you have, and give you aftercare details. Our specially developed eyelash extensions are extremely lightweight, making them so comfortable you forget you have them. The eyelash extensions are varying lengths and thicknesses to naturally enhance your existing lashes, transforming them into something truly amazing.”


Do you offer any specials?

“For all first-time guests, we offer an introductory rate of $89.99 for their first full set of eyelash extensions. We  offer

a monthly maintenance program for our guests who want to consistently keep their look. The program includes one lash refill per month and several additional benefits such as a $10 credit for refer-  rals and discounts on retail products and additional services.”


What would you tell someone who has never had eyelash extensions before? “Eyelash extensions are new to many of our guests. We understand the unknown can be intimidating, but it is actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. It’s like visiting a spa. In fact, since your eyes are closed for the duration of the appoint- ment, many of our guests simply drift off for a ‘lash nap.’”