LASH b[Log]: Dare To Try Something Different this Halloween

Monday October 23, 2017

Dare To Try Something Different this Halloween

Have you ever noticed how Halloween provides the perfect excuse to experiment with a new look you may be too intimidated to try during the rest of the year? This holiday just SCREAMS “try something new!” Whether you’re going for over-the-top drama or just adding a little extra oomph, Amazing Lash Studio delivers. In fact, our eyelash extensions can be both a trick (not that anyone needs to know you weren’t born with them) and a treat (doesn’t it feel luxurious to pamper yourself?) — finally, you don’t have to choose between a trick or treat!


Haven’t picked out your costume yet? No worries — here’s some inspiration for costumes and complementary eyelash extension styles to help get your ideas flowing. The best part? You can ditch your mascara wand this Halloween, because our lashes cast spells on their own!


Feline or Goddess: Whether you’re going as a cheetah, Cleopatra or Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, nothing oozes sex appeal more than a Cat Eye. We suggest choosing a fuller eyelash extension, like Volume lashes, because you’ll need thick lashes to complement the heavy eyeliner you’ll be using. Without lash extensions, your own lashes will simply get lost in the shuffle. Volume lashes are multiple extensions placed on a single lash, to give you a more dramatic look. Va-va-voom!


Superhero: Wonder Woman was a massive box office hit this year, so female superhero costumes (including Catwoman and Batgirl) are sure to be popular. If you’re also wearing a mask or a statement-making headpiece, you’ll definitely want to make your eyes pop to draw the attention back to you. Try our Cute lash style, which uses longer eyelash extensions at the center of your lash line to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Way to save the day!


Day of the Dead, Vampire or Zombie: It’s always exhilarating to spend a day on the dark side — and choosing our Sexy style lashes might be just the right counterbalance to keep you from looking too edgy. This style features eyelash extensions that are longer on the outside corner of the eyes, making every wink count. And you’ll want to wink often, so you don’t inadvertently scare anyone off. Boo!


Miscellaneous: If you’re waiting until the last minute to zero in on your perfect costume, then you simply can’t go wrong with planning ahead with an application of our Natural style lashes. They’ll go with every persona you can dream up, from a cowgirl to a cartoon character. Natural style lash extensions are tapered to follow your existing lash line to enhance the natural shape of your eyes. Basically, it’s you, only better!


No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, Amazing Lash Studio’s professional stylists will help you select the style best-suited for your eye shape, even taking into consideration your lifestyle beyond Halloween to ensure you’ll be bewitching all the time. After all, we know you aren’t going to keep wearing that Wonder Woman costume come November 1. Or are you?!

Appointments Are Filling Up Fast. Halloween is coming up quickly, and it would be downright frightening if you missed out on a fabulous set of eyelash extensions to enhance your costume. Call the Amazing Lash Studio nearest you to book an appointment today. Our studios are open evenings and weekends to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.