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Twice As Amazing

Monday May 14, 2018

Twice as Amazing

Everyone knows the best beauty routines come in pairs: shampoo and conditioner, cleanser and toner, manis and pedis…just to name a few. Creating stunning eyelashes is no different — which is why Amazing Lash Studio’s Twice as Amazing maintenance program is a favorite among those who crave a full, always on-point lash line at all times. With a regular membership (which is already amazing), you get one refill each month. But with Twice as Amazing membership you receive two refills every month, which means a never-ending lush look all month long. They say perfection isn’t possible, but this comes pretty darn close.


Twice as Nice

There’s no better feeling than walking out of an Amazing Lash Studio appointment with eyelash extensions that give you a natural-looking lash line that’s longer, fuller and darker than your own lashes could ever be. But individual lash growth cycles, hectic lifestyles, and falling behind on lash care maintenance may affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions.


Thankfully, devoted lash lovers no longer have to patiently await their next monthly refill. Twice as Amazing allows you to enjoy twice the refills for one amazing price! By upgrading to Amazing Lash Studio’s Twice as Amazing membership program, which includes two refills per month and extra savings on that second visit, you’ll visit more often and pay less than the cost of an extra refill on the standard membership plan.


Twice as Amazing is a lifesaver for anyone who:

* typically experiences a faster-than-normal growth cycle

* isn’t diligent about following aftercare instructions

* has important events scattered throughout the month

* has unexpected engagements that require you to be “on” at a moment’s notice

* wants that perfect no-makeup makeup look all the time

Double the Drama

Our four patented, semi-permanent styles, which vary by length and thickness — Natural, Sexy, Gorgeous and Cute — are included in this new membership program, which means you’ll have twice as many opportunities to customize and transform your look each month. Let your lash stylist (a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist) know about upcoming events, and you can decide together which styles are best-suited to your eye shape and lifestyle. For instance, have a hot date at the beginning of the month? You might choose the Sexy style to make every wink across the dinner table count. Or if you’re headed to a charity gala later in the month, Gorgeous could offer an effortless red-carpet ready look.

Or check out Amazing Volume lash extensions: Classic (3D) lashes are perfect for anyone who wants fullness, while still achieving a more natural, wispy, everyday look, while Glam (6D) lashes are recommended for those who love a more made-up look — perfect

for anyone who wants the drama of dark, thick mascara without having to actually apply or re-apply mascara (and keep it neat all day). With Twice as Amazing, you can combine creativity with experimentation and have double the fun.


Not sure which look is right for you? Your lash stylist will offer guidance and customize your lash look to your individual preference and lifestyle. Trust us: you’ll do a double take when you walk out of your appointment!


Twice as Amazing: Upgrade Your Membership Today

Our new membership plan makes maintaining your beautiful lashes more flexible and affordable than ever before. Call the Amazing Lash Studio nearest you to upgrade to Twice as Amazing and book an appointment for your next refill today. Since we’ll be seeing more of each other, our studios are open evenings and weekends to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.