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Effortless Beauty: The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat

Tuesday May 01, 2018

A woman’s work is literally never done — from climbing the corporate ladder and managing household chores to working out and making green smoothies, there’s always something lurking on your to-do list. And when you add motherhood to the equation, the few moments of free time you once relished are replaced with homework help, bake sales, making lunches, and chauffeuring your children to and from countless activities. It seems like the clock just keeps ticking faster and faster each year with no sign of letting up.


That’s why savvy mothers look for easy ways to beat the clock, creating efficiencies and short cuts on daily tasks. Shortcutting meal prep with quick-serve options, hiring a cleaning service and saying no to chairing yet another committee are a great start. But what about some of the basics you can’t outsource or those that require daily attention? For instance, an effortless beauty routine can mean the difference between being the “how-does-she-do-it?” mom to the “she-looks-like-she-could-use-a-vacation” mom.


Simplifying your makeup application each morning is one way to save crucial minutes when it comes to getting out of the house on time. It’s no wonder getting your eyebrows micro-bladed, injecting wrinkle-reducing toxins, and undergoing fat-freezing procedures are so common — they help you yield impressive results without a daily time commitment. Looking for another time-saving solution that’s semi-permanent, safe and non-invasive? Amazing Lash Studio’s lightweight and comfortable eyelash extensions are the answer for immediate, effortless transformation!


Our four patented, semi-permanent lash styles vary by length and thickness to customize your look and bring you one step closer to achieving the effortless beauty you desire. You’ll wake up every day with a lash line that is already thick and full of volume end to end, so all you have to do is add a swipe of lip gloss and head out the door, instantly ready.


Pampering is meant to be relaxing and mothers absolutely deserve that downtime to focus on self-care. Motherhood is a celebration of your femininity, after all, so what better way to spend Mother’s Day than with a quick pick me up with lash extensions that last for weeks? Once you discover the effortless beauty Amazing Lash Studio eyelash extensions deliver, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without our lashes.


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This Mother’s Day, show the moms in your life just how much you love them by gifting instant-amazing: lash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio! Or if you’re a mother looking to escape to a serene environment on Mother’s Day and enjoy a treatment that makes looking your best easily possible, book an appointment for a full set of eyelash extensions today. Our studio is open evenings and weekends to fit seamlessly into every mom’s busy schedule.