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Lash Maintenance 101

Monday April 23, 2018

Lash Maintenance 101

As you awake from your catnap, you groggily take in your surroundings: a comfy massage table below you, a cozy velour blanket draped over you and your lash stylist whispering that your application is complete. You literally have the thick, voluminous lashes of your dreams now!

Just as you’d expect with any beauty regimen — you carefully avoid tasks that could chip a freshly manicured nail, you don’t shampoo for a few days so your new hair color can set, and you exfoliate between waxes — there’s a certain amount of maintenance and upkeep necessary to keep your luscious lashes in tip-top shape. After all, now that you’ve made the investment, you’ll want them to last as long as possible.

Caring For Your Lashes: First 48 Hours

After your appointment for an initial lash application or a refill, it’s important to follow good lash habits to preserve your extensions. Let’s review the basic do’s and don’ts for the first couple of days:


* Sleep on your back or on your side, not face-down.

* Keep lashes dry. If you use eyedrops, make sure to blot excess moisture right away.


* Use oil-based products of any kind, such as moisturizers or eye creams, on or near your eyes.

* Participate in activities that cause you to sweat. Take a breather from hot yoga and jogging in the sun.

* Touch lashes directly

Caring For Your Lashes: After 48 Hours

After the initial two days, you can relax and enjoy — the adhesive has fully cured and your lashes are locked into place and ready for normal activities. While the risk of damaging them is greatly diminished, you’ll still want to maintain the following lash-perfecting practices:

* Just like the “later, rinse, repeat” mantra you’ve memorized on shampoo bottles, wash your lashes twice each morning and twice again each evening. Be sure to use an oil-free eye wash, such as Amazing Lash Studio’s Eyelash Foaming Cleanser. Wash twice, prior to and following any workout routine.

* Brush lashes daily, from middle to the tips with your Retractable Lash Styling Wand. This will help keep them untangled so they last longer.

* Use Amazing Lash Studio’s protective Lash Coating every other day on lashes that are completely dry, and apply from middle to tips of lashes.

Apply a translucent powder on top of any product applied to or around the eye area. Baby powder or matte finishing powder protects the lashes from being saturated with any oils.

Must-Have Products

We know that you’ll love the way you look with your amazing new lashes. And we want to help ensure you get the most mileage possible out of them. So we’ve developed some amazing products to help keep them looking great and lasting even longer. Our products are specially formulated to complement our proprietary lash extensions and adhesive — while also being gentle on your face.

We recommend adding the following items to your beauty arsenal:

Protective Lash Coating preserves the natural look and extends the life of your lashes. Apply a coating every three days or when your lashes feel dry. Caution: Avoid touching the base of your lashes, and only apply from the middle to lash tips.

Amazing Lash Retractable Styling Wand  grooms and primps your lashes to perfection with its patented collar design that keeps the brush head clean and free from damage and debris. This stylish wand is compact, making it convenient for on-the-go touch-ups.

CLEAR BROW AND LASH GEL  is a water resistant formula that can be used on lashes for a colorless enhancement or to set brow powder or brow pencil application. Bonus: Clients with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses often report that this formulation doesn’t bother them.

EYE MAKEUP CLEANSING AND PROTEIN REMOVAL PADS  clean eye makeup and effectively remove excess oil, dirt, and protein on eyelashes to prolong the life of your extensions. Our formula contains amino acid complex, vitamin E, and aloe extract to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.

AMAZING LASH MASCARA is a water-based mascara formulated specifically for lash extensions to deliver extra volume and rich color. The nourishing formula conditions lashes and prevents breakage. If you like a bolder look, this mascara is for you.

LINER FOR LASH EXTENSIONS is formulated for use with lash extensions to easily achieve precise lines. Dramatic and smoky looks are now a breeze.

EYE LASH FOAMING CLEANSER is specially formulated to be tough on dirt and gentle on your lash extensions. This lightweight foaming cleanser will keep your lashes looking their cleanest.


Paying attention to the minor maintenance requirements of your new lash extensions will help ensure they stay thick and full for as long as possible. Once you’ve experienced the cycle for the first time, the do’s and don’ts on each subsequent round will become second nature.



Now that you know just how easy it is to take care of lash extensions, it’s time to amp up your lash line. Call the Amazing Lash Studio nearest you to book your appointment today. Our studios are open evenings and weekends to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.